Christian Radio for Russia

Dan Johnson, the founder and President of Christian Radio for Russia, is a member of First Covenant Church. He and his wife, Oksana, are very commited to this ministry and are an inspiration to our church family. We, as a church and many as individuals, are pleased to join other churches, businesses and individuals in supporting Christian Radio for Russia financially and in prayer. Please consider joining us.

Christian Radio for Russia ( is a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry that works to guarantee that Christian radio programming from New Life Radio can be available in any city, village, or remote area throughout the former Soviet Union. NLR does this through direct to home satellite radio, FM, cable networks, and the Internet.

New Life Radio ( makes a difference in the lives of the people it touches, whether it is listened to in the home; at a remote missionary site; in a church; within a Russian prison cell, a drug rehab center, a Russian military base, an orphanage, or a hospital ward; or in a car while driving. They broadcast the GOOD NEWS of NEW LIFE IN CHRIST!

New Life Radio is a non-denominational media resource, of service to the entire Christian community, offering free airtime to domestic Christian programmers, and free satellite reception to any listener connected to the HOTBIRD satellite (Europe/Russia's most popular broadcast satellite with an estimated 123 million households receiving TV-Radio channels from it), AND the ABS Satellite, giving NLR signal coverage from FRANCE to JAPAN.

Christian Radio for Russia's mission is to subsidize this satellite network, while working to expand New Life Radio's reach to Slavic communities worldwide, who desire Christian radio programming in the Russian language.