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Are you in?
Sunday, 12 June 2011
This is a short reflection on Pentecost and Confirmation Sunday. When Jesus breathes on us and gives us the Holy Spirit, it is so that we might live out our faith by the same strength and power that he did.
The Struggle for Love
Sunday, 05 June 2011
Quite frankly: When we try to find our worth, value, and identity in anything other than God, we will eventually struggle to love ourselves, our neighbor and God. Today we follow the story of Leah who was unloved by her father and husband, but finds love and new life once God takes notice of her.
Green and Full of Sap
Sunday, 29 May 2011
What does scripture say about getting older? It is amazing how differently scripture and God think about getting older than our culture. Discover what it means to age not only physically, but to mature spiritually as you daily walk with God.
What's In My Pocket?
Sunday, 22 May 2011
The Pharisees and Herodians come to trap Jesus with a question about who to give your life to. By life they mean money, but Jesus turn it on them and shows them there is more to life than money. God does not need our money, God only wants us: heart, soul, mind and strength. So we are free to give the government our money, but we give to God our souls and our life.
Hopeful Sex
Sunday, 15 May 2011
When we talk about Sexuality in our culture and in the church we too often are not asking the right questions or having helpful and healthy conversations. While one sermon cannot offer a complete overview of human sexuality, this will attempt to lay out the basic Biblical ethic when it comes to sex. Which is: Sex is designed to be an intimate, vulnerable, and powerful experience, and to treat it otherwise is detrimental to people and society.
Loss and Gift
Sunday, 01 May 2011
Jesus knows he is about to die and he is in his last days. How does he “die well?” How can we die well? Here we find Jesus offering them parting wisdom and practices about how to continue this life after he dies. He is establishing his legacy. We too, if we die well, can make our time of dying fruitful for those who remain after we are gone.
Resurrection Matters
Sunday, 24 April 2011
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